Let’s Start at the Beginning

My, lovin my Rangers

Hello World! I’m Laura. I guess at this point, I’m a “born again” blogger. This site was inspired (read: ‘required’) by a class I took at Texas Tech University (Utilizing Online Media, with the incredibly fabulous Dr. Courtney Meyers). I tried to stick with it, but life happens, and sometimes it is SO much easier to simply journal than it is to blog. Plus, I never know if what I have to say is worth anyone else reading.

I thought I’d give it another shot, though (probably my smartest move ever, while trying to finish up a dissertation…) so, if you joined me at the ‘very beginning’, I hope you will come back once again.

I enjoy writing, because it gives me an opportunity to express myself and who I am, and I look forward to this experience with all of you…

Please take a scroll through my website. You’ll find a brief autobiography, my blog, links to some of my favorite websites, contact information, and stuff about my workout/weightloss journey. Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you’ll come back soon!


Occassionally, I may post the song(s) that are stuck on repeat on my iPod.

I REALLY like this song. This is the acoustic version, though there is a full-band version of them performing this same tune at the Cowboys Stadium.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and especially lovers of my kind of music, I present: Grady Skelton’s “We like drinking”

Here’s the lastest song stuck in my head. “Slow” by the Josh Grider Band makes me want to find a backroad and a good dancing partner, build a fire and turn the truck stereo up loud.